Elise Bickley

16 year old Parkour athlete from Sheffield, UK


This is my story:

I'm Elise Bickley, a 16 year old Parkour athlete from Sheffield in the United Kingdom. I first started training Parkour and Freerunning when I was 11 years old and entered my very first competition, Project Underground, in the same year, taking 1st place in the under 16's category. By the time I was 13 years old I was competing on an international level at the 2017 Airwipp Challenge in Sweden, where I managed to also place 1st in the Women's finals. I continue to train and compete to the best of my ability and over the last 3 years have had the best time ever in the parkour and freerunning world.


List of competitions:

  • Project Underground Vol:1

  • Project Underground Vol:2

  • Project Underground Vol:3

  • Airwipp Challege 2017

  • Project Underground Vol:4

  • Project Underground Vol:5

  • Airwipp Challege 2018

  • Red Bull Art Of Motion 2021 

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